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Frequently Asked Questions about EON

1. What value does EON add to my enterprise?

EON dramatically reduces the non value-added work of reporting on improvement progress, tracking down progress on action plans, and loss of efficiency due to re-work that exists in a spreadsheet, email, and file sharing based management process. For OPEX to be the sophisticated function it’s expected to be, it needs a sophisticated software to manage it!

2. Who uses EON?

EON is used by organizations across various industries that are committed to operational excellence. EON is most often owned by the OPEX function to better serve their clients. In the beginning, EON will stay within this team to help them deliver seamless support to the organization.

As Strategy Deployment, KPI Management, Improvement Project Management, and Maturity Assessments take root, utilization will spread to business leaders, improvement champions, and eventually to everyone!

Industry Fits Roles
Manufacturing Business Unit/Divisional Leaders
Healthcare Functional Leaders
Retail Operational Excellence Teams
Franchise Functional Team Excellence Representatives
Government Location Leaders
Financial Services Location Excellence Representatives
  For our fully deployed clients – everyone!

3. What is an Excellence Hub?

An Excellence Hub is an area within your larger organization that is being targeted for improvement.

4. How do I identify my Excellence Hubs?

Your Excellence Hubs should be areas with the most room for improvement. They should also be areas where achieving excellence would have the most strategic impact. Think of them as living at the intersection of opportunity and need.

5. What defines a 'User'?

Good news, you can have as many users in an Excellence Hub as you would like! Through their unique username and password, a user is anyone that should be assigned to one or more strategic objectives, projects, or action items.

6. How would we deploy EON in our organization?

It’s simple. Really, we mean it! Because EON is a cloud-based SaaS solution, accessible through all major web browsers, your IT department doesn’t need to be involved in the deployment process. Perhaps more importantly, we bring first class support via our Client Success team so you don’t have to hire someone simply to administer the tool you just bought!

7. What does the Client Success team do?

The Client Success Team partners with you to ensure that your experience with EON meets or exceeds expectations. Typical activities include configuring the software to your specifications, developing a service plan, training users, migrating data, troubleshooting (rare) technical issues, and responding to any contractual questions.

8. How does EON integrate with my existing solutions?

Simply drop in a link! Many organizations, for example, use SharePoint or a similar system to store documents that need to be referenced. Just add the link wherever it’s needed. Once added, users have one-click access to the file they need.

9. Where is our information hosted? How secure are your servers?

All of your data is stored and processed securely in the cloud using Heroku hosted services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) data storage. AWS is the premier data storage and security solution trusted by organizations like the FDA, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and many others.

10. How customizable is EON? What can be configured for my organization?

Depending on subscription level, clients can configure their organizational structure, heatmap content, drop-down field values, and branding, among other features.

11. What are Strategies?

The Strategies section in EON serves as the starting point for define objectives at multiple levels within your team or organization.

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12. What are Projects?

The Projects section in EON supports full cycle project management. Users can also compare multiple projects using the Project Prioritization Matrix.

Project Prioritization Matrix

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13. What are Heatmaps?

Heatmaps allow you to define and assess against and functional or business standard they want. That assessment will identify gaps and then allow clients to generate a work plan to improve process maturity.

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14. What is the Scorecard?

The Scorecard is the summary snapshot of how improvement is going in Excellence Hubs and the organization.

CI Company Dashboard in Software

15. What are Analytics?

The Analytics section allows our manufacturing clients to quantify the dollar opportunity they have for improvement in various processes in their locations. Through a questionnaire style assessment, clients can see the “room to run” if they could improve productivity, material yield, and cost of quality.

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16. How can a user see only what he or she is assigned?

EON’s ‘My Commitments’ page consolidates all strategic objectives, projects, and action items associated with a given user. From here, users can edit or update any of the items listed.

Committed to Excellence Dashboard

17. I still have questions. Who do I ask?

We love questions! You can reach us any time from our contact page. (Don't worry, we check it daily.)