Strategies to Align OpEx to the Business

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What are Strategies?

Strategies, sometimes called strategic objectives or strategic imperatives, describe a desired future state on an aspect of performance that is critical to an organization's success.

Strategies should (a) operate on a pre-defined time scale, (b) connect to one or more business-critical key performance indicators, and (c) exist at all levels - enterprise, functional, and team.

For operational excellence teams, it’s important to define a set of OpEx strategies that connect to the enterprise goals and objectives in order to ensure that all OpEx decisions and activities advance the critical interests of the business.

How are Strategies Managed in the Platform?

The EON platform makes it easy to do the following:

- Define strategies for the OpEx function or anywhere else in the business.

- Assign ownership for individual strategies.

- Generate strategy-specific risk profiles - on track, moderate risk, serious risk.

- Create action plans with ownership and due dates and linked to proactive email notifications.

- Connect key performance indicators and projects to individual strategies.

- Connect strategies from "parent to child" to drive enterprise alignment.

Why Manage Strategies Using the Platform?

The first, overarching reason to manage strategies through the EON platform is to ditch the inefficiencies of managing them through either PowerPoint or Excel.

Organizations also use the strategy management feature in EON for the following reasons:

- Align operational excellence strategies to broader business goals and objectives.

- Connect strategies at the enterprise, functional, and team levels.

- Track progress on strategies and take action if progress is slow.

- Reinforce a culture of transparency and accountability.

Done Aligning your Strategies? Now it's time to Implement your Improvements!

Connecting strategies to the related improvement projects has never been easier.  Thanks to the intuitive connections that are made possible through the EON Platform, you'll enable the organization to easily move from planning to execution. No more wasted time building strategy plans in slide decks only to file them away until next year! 

More features of the platform...


Keep your Strategies on track with sophisticated project management!


Don’t forget about your foundational focus in your Strategies.

Use the Playbook functionality to assess on your organization best practices.


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