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What are Playbooks?

Playbooks help the OpEx team exponentially increase the amount of improvement they can implement by giving the right amount of detail on what to work on but in a format that can be self-managed by non-OpEx personnel. It's like doubling the size of your team without adding any headcount!

Each playbook consists of a series of implementation toolkits that serve as a “one-stop shop” for a particular OpEx-related topic.  

Each toolkit contains (a) simple self-assessment questions, (b) easy-to-read and highly practical descriptions, and (c) tools, templates, training, and other great resources related to the topic. If you're interested in learning more about our playbooks, click here.


How are playbooks managed in the platform?

The EON platform makes it easy to do the following:

- Host fully configured playbooks that reflect the OpEx concepts, tools, and methods that need to be developed in the organization.

- Assess operational maturity anywhere and everywhere in the organization and generate a color-coded assessment score.

- Connect to the right tools, templates, training, best practices, and other resources.

- Create action plans with ownership and due dates and linked to proactive email notifications.

Why manage Playbooks using the platform?

Organizations use the playbook management feature in EON for the following reasons:

- Access EON's robust suite of implementation toolkits.

- Deploy custom OpEx assessment models to one or many locations in the enterprise.

- Connect both OpEx teams and the broader workforce to critical development and implementation resources.

- Implement standard work practices in support of a compliance process (e.g., ISO, Responsible Care, FSMA, etc.)

Replicate and refine

After deployment, you’ll be able to pinpoint your most effective improvement initiatives and replicate them across all locations, sharing your most up-to-date best practices in real time.

From there, if you want to further refine a standard, your framework is already in place, allowing you to adapt and scale seamlessly.

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