EON - The Enterprise Continuous Improvement Platform

What's EON

EON is the first platform created to manage the enterprise-wide business improvement life cycle. With it you can deploy strategic objectives, manage strategies & project life cycles, implement business processes, and analyze opportunities for improvement.EON Software Home Screen

And we'll work to ensure your CI efforts are successful.

You'll have the option to receive guidance from operational excellence leaders. Together they'll help you drive operational results that are functional and sustainable.

All EON users also receive personalized support from our Client Success team based on your needs. Whether you're large or small, near or far, we're here to help.

Improving Your Continuous Improvement Program

Many businesses manage continuous improvement (CI) -- be it best practices, implementation, strategy development, etc. -- with various tools and systems. Usually a handful of employees are tasked with using the not-fit-for-purpose tools or systems. Using sub optimal tools decreases the effectiveness and efficiency of your CI program.

For example, companies might use:

  • Spreadsheets
  • File Sharing Systems
  • Complex Software

This often creates friction when trying to coordinate CI projects. This can cause internal confusion with employees and a lack of insight into the impact of CI work. It can also cause client dissatisfaction and lost business.

EON Features & Benefits

Continuous Improvement Software Enterprise Reports

With EON you can perform powerful functions in a fraction of the time.

For example, replace existing spreadsheets with EON's Heatmap feature to perform LEAN assessments, compliance audits, or to assess tactical value. Or prioritize your operational excellence projects by comparing costs, project complexity, and ROI. And save hours spent sorting through spreadsheets with automated summary reports.

Organizations utilize EON in various ways and the benefits are countless. But some of the core benefits include the ability to:

  • Quickly identify and evaluate improvement opportunities
  • Track the financial impact & ROI of your CI work
  • Create new plans and easily analyze existing ones
  • Share insights with anyone at your company in seconds
  • Efficiently fix any at-risk strategies and projects
Business Strategy Software for Continuous Improvement

There's no doubt that EON simplifies and improves your operational excellence projects. Collaborate with your team using shared views and reports, or interactively plan and execute your CI strategy. It's almost impossible to achieve CI success when strategies hide away in slides or spreadsheets.

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