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Business improvement value tracking


The improvement scorecard view provides visibility into the status of improvement work taking place at each level of your enterprise. Track value captured from improvement projects and quickly see the status of all action items. Immediate access to this information drives meaning and focused performance discussions.

  • See which strategies and projects are at risk
  • Track the progress and earned-value of your continuous improvement efforts
  • Quickly assess the status of improvement items
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Strategy management software


With the EON's strategy tool you can track improvement work linked to each strategy in a single view.

The strategy deployment tool allows you to easily align, manage, and execute strategies across your organization. Employees can assign a risk profile to a strategy to show when it's on track or if is needs support. And you'll see sub-strategies, projects, KPIs, attachments, and project milestones in the software's dashboard.

Higher visibility of company strategies helps your company to interactively manage execution throughout the year. Something that's near impossible to do if the strategies are hidden away in slides or spreadsheets.

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Project performance management software


EON's project section can help you define, prioritize, and manage your opportunities. Reduce non-value work, decrease overhead, and maximize revenue by efficiently managing your project opportunities.

Your team can create charters, assign teams, and document & manage project content; including action items. You can also compare multiple projects against standard criteria. Compare costs, project complexity, and ROI to prioritize projects.

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Strategy deployement software


EON's heatmap dashboard allows you to define standard business processes and track users' fidelity to processes.

Each location will learn about company standards, view resources, upload attachments, and manage action items. Users can assess themselves against predefined or custom criteria, and then submit their results. This will display on the heatmap as green, yellow, or red. Showing their adherence to company defined business processes.

This heatmap approach helps ensure that the organization is continually and iteratively improving over time.

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